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Field Titan’s unique computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) offering allows sophisticated remote internet control and detailed logging to a lot of things that you already have that are not able to be seen or controlled on the web
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How We Approach

Field Titan facilitates a holistic approach by customizing its CMMS solution to a customer’s needs and by handholding them throughout predictive maintenance software development and integration within the company lifecycle. Followed is the methodology we follow:
  • Identify & Define the problem
  • Devise Solution
  • Hardware Selection
  • Customize Field Titan
  • Test and Implement
  • Support and Improve

A CMMS Solution that DeliverField Titan is a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) solution that could assist businesses worldwide to manage enterprise assets, streamline workflows, track inventory and schedule preventive healthcheckup and take pro-active actions based on automated triggers.

Problem identification and definition

Filed Titan collaborates to understand and evaluate the problem/pain areas and their impact on business, tech, and customer perspective. Accordingly the solution is devised and mapped with Field Titan’s predictive maintenance software.
  • Furture Ready Devising solution to derive long-term solution
  • Business Centric Evaluate business impact, and define and align IoT strategy
  • Customer Centric Identifying customer problems and solution mapping while focusing on customer experience and cost factors

Process Deliverables

  • Problem (Process issues/Pain Areas) identification and definition.
  • Industry best practices and solution mapping.
  • Project roadmap with respect to IoT role, Hardware evaluation and expected outcomes.
  • MVP roadmap to get started with Field Titan.

Customize and Implement Solution

IoTize the machine/assets, customize Field Titan to generate and evaluate data and integrate business processes to deliver meaningful, actionable insights.
  • IoTize Empower assets to sense, network and communicate the data between devices and the Cloud.
  • Customize Field Titan Customize Cloud powered Field Titan to receive, uniformalize and analysis of data.
  • Evaluate Build and integrate apps and analytics to evaluate the data to capture business insight and refine assets.

Process Deliverables

  • IoTization i.e. review and seletion of hardware, connectivity, security and communication
  • Existing platform customization to store data and manage devices
  • Application development for data visualization and analytics

Customize the Solution and Implement Requirements

Implement the solution, evaluate performance and train all the stakeholders to supports IoT initiatives across organization processes.
  • Device and Platform Our support team ensures smooth operations with maintenance services for device and platform management. They are availabel for bug fixes, upgrades, demo and smoother transformation.
  • Data Analysis and Evaluation We assist in data accuracy and performance evaluation, and support in data clean-up, monitoring and reporting.

Process Deliverables

  • Review, evaluate and report.
  • Identify risk patterns and mitigate.
  • Refine and clean data.
  • Train all the stakeholders on how to manage the data.
  • Support and maintenance services.

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