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Overview of Field Titan’s Applicability and Benefits to Stakeholders

Plumbing and Electrical businesses provide customers with installations, maintenance and repair services such as plumbing, bathroom fittings, electrical wiring for home, water tank installation, kitchen sink repair, water motor installation, inverter repair, repairing switches, meters and fuses etc.

Applicability and Benefits

  • Easily getting customer requirements and quickly providing with the service details.
  • Providing customers’ with the cost of service estimates.
  • Easy communication of service requirements to the servicing team.

Applicability and Benefits

  • Allocation of work order based on resource availability and work location distance.
  • Reduce delays in service due to the accuracy and integrity of data.
  • Keeping track of the resources and their assignment.
  • Resolving customer issues quickly and effectively.
  • Easy way to monitor field workers and their productive time on providing service.
  • Reviewing the maintenance, service, installation and invoicing reports for a specified time period.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by effective service and less response time.
  • Compare regional and individual level statistics of sales target and sales achievement.

Applicability and Benefits

  • Approaching customer easily in less time through route mapping.
  • Easy tracking job updates from workers, managers and customers.

Applicability and Benefits

  • Easy invoicing and payment management.
  • Help in estimating the next budget by analyzing previous data.

Applicability and Benefits

  • Instantly provide invoice to customer on the spot and record the payment as well.
  • Get high customer satisfaction by reducing the service delivery time.

As one of the best service scheduling management and plumbing software for plumbers and electricians, our solutions make scheduling, work order management, customer management and invoicing process seamless.

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